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Teal Tinted Glasses Is Now On Discord

Things are changing this season for how we record our Podcast. As you may know already, we originally used the now-dead Google Hangouts on Air to not only record our podcast but stream it live. This allowed us to interact with the audience in real time, making them a major part of our show. After a lot of thought on how we could continue to bring you that experience, we have decided to move the recording of the podcast to Discord.

Now, the first thing you might be thinking is "I'm not a gamer and I don't want to download anything." Fair enough, one of the great things about discord is you can run it straight from your internet browser with out downloading the program.

Catching the podcast live is going to be very easy simply follow these steps.

  1. As we have done previously for our YouTube shows we will always provide a link for you to follow prior to any show we do. Simply click the link to join the server. (Note: If you do not have a discord account you will need to make one.)

  2. Join the Teal Tinted Glasses voice channel. Don't worry only the hosts have permission to talk in this channel, so if discord gives you an error about not being able to hear you simply click OK and enjoy the show.

  3. You can also join the ttg-recording-chat text channel to take part in the real-time conversation.

On the right side of Discord you will see the following channel listings.

Finally the best part about our move to discord is that it is always on. Meaning that even if the podcast isn't recording you can still talk about anything sharks related with not only the hosts but other Sharks fans without having to scroll through a bunch of garbage on Twitter to find the good stuff.

Hey, Where is the Video?

The one downside to our move to discord/the method of recording on the podcast we are using is that we are now an audio only podcast. We feel that the benefits that discord brings outweigh the loss of video for the podcast. The audio from the podcast will still be on YouTube after the show has finished recording.

What does this mean if I consume the podcast on replay?

Absolutely nothing. You will still be able to get the audio from the podcast on YouTube or your favorite pod-catcher (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.) just like you have always done.

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